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Who We Are


Individual Advocacy Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to community- based supports and personal advocacy for individuals with special needs. IAG provides training programs, behavioral and individual therapies, community-based residential programs, advocacy and case management for individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, brain injuries or physical/medical conditions. All of IAG’s programs are community-based and all residential programs are family scale of four or fewer people using neighborhood housing and apartments. IAG provides its services in 21 counties in Illinois from Chicago to the Quad Cities to Springfield, as well as the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Why IAG?

IAG believes that all individuals deserve and should receive respect regardless of their history, type of disability or severity of specialized needs. Furthermore, all individuals must be assured of their endowed rights of community participation and personal independence shared by all members of society. Each individual can meet his or her personal goals, follow personal interests, and find personal success and happiness. Accordingly, people with disabilities can achieve personal success and happiness if given the chance and the support. Regardless of the impediments any person with disabilities may have encountered along the way in life, their chance is now and the opportunity is here to find self-respect, develop a positive self-image and achieve personal goals.

Our Mission

To provide a full array of quality, outcome-based, functional and age-appropriate person- and community-centered services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities, emotional disabilities, and neurological disabilities.


1289 Windham Parkway, Romeoville, IL 60446


Phone: 630.759.0201


8121 Georgia Ave, Suite 720

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: 301.588.2746

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