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It's about FUN! IAG’s Movie Production Program

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from creative expression, even when they don't consider themselves to be particularly artistic. If you know a friend or family member with disabilities who would enjoy expressing their creativity in new ways, then keep reading to learn more about the Individual Advocacy Group’s Movie Program.

It’s a unique opportunity to explore the exciting world of filmmaking. This program offers an outlet where individuals are free to express their innermost thoughts and visions through film-making!

Everybody gets to showcase their creativity

The IAG's Movie Production Program offers an exciting opportunity to explore one's creativity and express oneself through film. It provides a platform for everyone to express their ideas, regardless of their ability or technical skills. We support individuals in creating projects that reflect the values and beliefs they hold most dear.

Our movie production program enables people with disabilities to explore different perspectives, discover new ways of expressing themselves, and transform their ideas into reality. With our program, everybody has the chance to showcase their creativity and make something truly unique!

Let's take a closer look at the skills that they can acquire and apply through the movie production program while they are having fun!

Unleashing their creativity

The IAG's Movie Production Program provides the perfect opportunity to unleash one's creativity and explore different aspects of filmmaking. Our program gives people with disabilities the chance to express their ideas in a collaborative environment, learn about cinematography and storytelling, and bring their projects to life.

With our engaging activities, we strive to help individuals utilize their creative skills and unlock their potential. We guide people from concept creation to post-production editing so that they can transform their ideas into reality! The IAG Movie Production Program is a great avenue for unlocking one's creativity and having an amazing experience.

Collaborative writing

We provide a great environment to learn about collaborative writing and storytelling. Through our interactive activities and workshops, they can engage in team-building exercises and learn how to work together to create innovative stories.

We strive to help individuals develop their writing skills while understanding the power of collaboration. The IAG movie production program encourages participants to think outside of the box and explore different ways of expressing themselves through words.

Prop Making

Creating props for the IAG's Movie Production Program is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. From designing backdrops to crafting characters, participants have the chance to get hands-on with their projects and bring them to life.

With our engaging activities, we strive to help individuals unlock their creative potential while having fun creating props. Taking part in the IAG movie production program allows them to explore their imagination and create something entirely unique!

Video camera and editing skills

At the IAG's Movie Production Program, participants can learn about the video camera and editing skills. Our interactive workshops provide an engaging environment for people with disabilities to develop their skills in the areas of film-making, including shooting footage and post-production.

Participants will have the chance to explore different techniques and get practical experience in using camera equipment. Through our program, individuals can gain valuable knowledge on the video camera and editing skills while having a fantastic time creating their own stories!


Learning to act is always a fun and exciting experience! Participants can attend workshops that help develop their creative abilities and confidence in performing for the camera.

By working with our experienced facilitators, participants will have the chance to explore different ways of expressing themselves through acting. Whether it be onscreen or behind the scenes, our program provides individuals with an opportunity to create memorable characters and work as part of a team while having fun discovering the craft of acting.

But most of all, it's about having fun

IAG's Movie Production Program is all about having fun while learning. Participants are able to create fun and witty movies such as Iron Man: The early years, which shows Iron Man ironing his clothes or making Superman as grandpa flying across the neighborhood. They're not limited to being funny and witty, they also made a suspense scene where a man is getting chased by an alligator using just a green screen and amazing editing skills.

There is no limit to how creative an individual can get at IAG's Movie Production Program! Snowball fights, playing the part of a pirate in a movie, or creating an awesome magic show - it all comes down to exploring their limitless imagination and having fun. Our experienced facilitators are available throughout the program to ensure that participants have the opportunity to make the most of their experience, while also learning valuable techniques and skills in camera acting, scripting, video camera, and editing.

We are so thankful to be able to offer this movie production program. If you are a part of the Individual Advocacy Group and looking for an enjoyable and rewarding activity, consider signing up for a movie production program today!

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