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In the latest feature on, 'Empowering Diversity: IAG's Pioneering Approach,' IAG is spotlighted for its innovative strategies in enhancing workplace diversity, specifically for persons with disabilities.

The article details IAG's successful collaborations with major institutions and local businesses like Lewis University and Portillo’s, which have opened up new employment avenues and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Through initiatives like the Snack Shack and partnerships that facilitate jobs tailored to individual abilities, IAG is breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity. This piece not only highlights IAG's commitment to meaningful integration but also its role in advocating for a more inclusive society through personal empowerment and community engagement.

Discover more about how IAG is transforming the landscape of workplace diversity and inclusion. Read the full article, 'Empowering Diversity: IAG's Pioneering Approach,' on to explore their unique initiatives and successes. Dive into the inspiring stories and see how you can get involved or support their mission.

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Individual Advocacy Group (IAG) is a non profit agency that provides a full array of quality, customized, outcome-focused supports for people with developmental, intellectual, emotional, behavioral, or neurological disabilities.

We enable individuals to define and pursue their life goals and interests; develop skills to reach those goals; grow increasing personal responsibility; engage their community; and lead active, enjoyable, independent lives.

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We Are Agents of Social Change

We believe in inclusion, equity, dignity and respect for every human life.  Where there is injustice, we strive to be agents of change on behalf of individuals with disabilities.  Everyone deserves an equal chance at a happy life.  We believe every individual needs:

  • To live in and integrate with a community of their choice.

  • To live with housemates in safe and adequate housing.

  • To live with, learn from, and have friends of all races.

  • To form real relationships.

  • To have job opportunities.

  • To be valued as individuals and recognized for their contributions.

  • To maintain family relationships.

  • To socialize with friends.

  • To live free of abuse and neglect.

  • To privacy and the enjoyment of life.

  • To learn and grow.

  • To companionship with people and pets.

  • To opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

  • To clean drinking water and healthy food.

  • To an abundance of choices.

  • To simple pleasures like developing a personal style, enjoying a warm cup of coffee, or dating.

  • To live independent lives with dignity and respect and free from discrimination or segregation.

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"Injustice anywhere is

a threat to justice everywhere"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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